Computer Telephony Integration

Today's companies expect and rely on high-quality customer support to get the most value from the products and services they outsource. The use of computer telephony to automate routine questions and answers has been steadily increasing over the past years. VisualSoft is a Total Solution Provider (TSP) and can develop and build a single solution that integrates products, services, reporting, and other capabilities without having to outsource or partner with other companies. We offer a complete, integrated contact center solution using the best available hardware like CISCO and dialogic. We currently support the major CT platforms like TAPI based system, CISCO and Dialogic.. These automated self-service systems handle call routing and the delivery of routine information to customers. The systems automate telephone interactions of all types, from simple messages to complex "conversations." The systems respond to caller touchtone or voice commands. They prompt the caller, learn what is needed, ask for additional information, look up and deliver the answer and route the call for additional services as needed, including live agent transfer. These advanced CT systems allow companies to cost-effectively handle a high-volume of routine inquiries, gather vital sales information and provide interactive data access.

Increased Contact Center Effectiveness

  • Allows for high-volume, routine inquiries and marketing information to be communicated
  • quickly and cost-effectively
  • Provides flexibility of live agent staffing and automation; routine data can be gathered before
  • transferring to live agent for more complex applications
  • Reports detailed information on types of calls received by problem, product, geography, etc.
  • Establishes Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) security and provides higher-speed
  • access than analog systems

Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Provides consistent information to each caller
  • Shortens hold queues and reduces response times
  • Increases customer retention rates
  • Maintains 24 hour accessibility
  • Capable of handling greater call volume

Reduced Costs

Allows better cost management through optimization of an automated system. We can build/configure soft switches & VOIP gateways according to the customer need. A soft switch is a software that resides on fault-tolerant servers and performs call control functions such as protocol conversion, authorization and administration operations. That has typically meant long waits for service providers which wanted new applications to differentiate their services and could roll out new software enhancements quickly. A gateway will convert Voice from the PSTN to H.323/SIP protocol and vice versa.


Managing incoming callers and sending them to where they are best served can be a challenge. Customized call centers process automated decisions for call transfers and queuing based on telephone numbers, account information, and other key indicators.


Call Management Systems (CMS) allow your clients to be immediately connected to the person responsible for the topic they wish to discuss, or to the person handling their account. This can be achieved in several ways:
  • Call control according to a set of rules identified by asking simple questions of the caller.
  • Automated call management by comparing account or case numbers entered by the caller against the host database.
  • Caller identification (ANI - Automatic Number Identification) can manage calls according to caller location or previously identified information.
  • Called telephone number (DNIS - Direct Number Identification Service) can be used to enable a single system provide different prompts for numerous telephone numbers, services and organizations.



Reports on Historical IVR Usage All processed data is maintained for historical reporting and can be utilizedfor trending purposes or staffing your call center.
Track and Report on Entire IVR Configuration RPM reports against defined system configuration, not just current IVR activity which offers administrators a true reflection of the system and its capacity
Complete Usage Menu Reporting Reports on call volume, call duration, menu selection, prompt time-out and individual port activity. Allows you to easily determine your most utilized application.
Easily customized or Expanded Reports on call volume, call duration, menu selection, prompt time-out and individual port activity. Allows you to easily determine your most utilized application.
Web Based Product Allows for multiple simultaneous users to generate reports using standard browsers, from anywhere they have Intranet and or Internet access.
Automated Distribution RPM automatically emails reports to the desired recipients.
Alarm Monitoring and Notification Allows you to set alarm thresholds. When thresholds are reached, RPM pager and or email notification is activated.
Combines Data from Multiple Systems and Applications Provides one combined summary report giving the user a complete systems overview in a snap shot.
Reports on Current IVR Usage Permits immediate analysis of current IVR activity, great for troubleshooting, diagnostics or tracking marketing efforts.

CT technology allows you to provide your callers with access to information for a fraction of the costs required for a live agent. CT also allows you to meet the ever changing demands of your customers, quickly and cost effectively. Whether you are evaluating purchasing an IVR system, outsourcing IVR tasks or are currently operating an IVR and are looking for additional capabilities, we have a solution for your companyTs needs.

Success Story

VisualSoft successfully selected, procured and commissioned the largest 1200 circuits. AudioTex platform in Pakistan in November 2001 for ARY Communication (Pvt.) Limited, using Dialogic products, The whole project was completed in 3 months, which included the time for integration with the Telco and testing.

South Asian Federation Games 2001 also used VisualSoft's IVR System which are working round the clock since August 2001.

Call Center System Integration

IVR Systems and Service Bureau
Speech Recognition
Reporting Software

Expenditure on European Call Centers

Category 1998 2002
Total spend $550 mn $1.2 bn
Number of Web-enabled centers 100 3,400

Expenditure on US Call Centers

Entity 1998 % growth 2003 % growth
Financial services $167mn 26% 364mn 39%
Growth rate reflects 16% CAG in industry spend

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