The Call center continues to be one of the cornerstones of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), providing customer support and service, sales and marketing campaign delivery across broad variety of channels. Today a vast majority of these call centers route calls to call center agents in an analog format based on telephone switching systems. The New generation call centers are morphing into the NUST Call Center, which handle more than a simple telephony contacts. Build around a newer set of technologies employing IP (Internet Protocol)-based switching systems, NUST Call Centers are capable of handling not only telephony, but also email, chat, SMS, voice over IP and even video over IP.

A CRM solution with the aim to improve student information services and be able to develop profitable relationship between the students and NUST. To fulfill NUST’s needs for a complete end to end solution, VisualSoft is offering “Connector®”, an Call Center Solution solution that combines contacts from multiple channels into a single, unified queue and then enables NUST to make intelligent routing decisions on multiple factors—agent skills such as languages or product knowledge, or the ability to respond using different channels; information from enterprise databases such as student merit lists, or admission requirements; call center status such as agent availability; and much more.


Delivers intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and multimedia contact management to NUST Call Center agents over a PSTN network. By combining software ACD functionality with telephony services in a unified manner, our solution enables companies to rapidly deploy a distributed Call Center infrastructure to support its global e-sales and e-service initiatives.

Integration with Email / SMS

will help to bridge the gap between the student and the operator/supervisor. Better feedback mechanism will be made available for the students by using the dial-out IVR mechanism. The customer can be also updated by giving the option of tracking the complaints.

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