Database / MIS for Survey System will be developed using a ‘modular approach’ with different modules designed to perform different tasks. DBMIS allows new modules to be added and removed from the system when the need arises Read more Arrow

Automatic Vehicle Classification-AVC

Based on "Classax-In-Ground" AVC engine from SensorLine, Germany, Classax is tailored to support very complex classification table and perform "Post Auditing" with evidence capturing technology, excellent accuracy and high durability. Read more Arrow


Provide an efficient and effective management system to provide a basic platform for use of information technology (IT) to manage the gigantic task of reconstruction and rehabilitation entrusted to ERRA by government of Pakistan Read more Arrow


To help in establishment of a peaceful & crime-free society Read more Arrow


The Call center continues to be one of the cornerstones of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), providing customer support and service, sales and marketing campaign delivery across broad variety of channels Read more Arrow

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