The Artillery Firing Data Computing Device (AFDCD) is a fully state of the art digital electronic device specially designed for use in harsh environments.It can calculate all the calculations required for various types of shoots that could be operating all types of artillery guns.

It comes in a sleek and easy to handle case with very tough ABS plastic housing; high quality silicon rubber keypad specially designed to survive harsh operating temperatures and embed with recent development in display technology called Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display which is readable in bright sunlight. This OLED display did not requires backlights and could be operative in extreme temperatures; - 40C to + 70C, to meet the MIL standards with very low power consumption.


  • Rugged, light weight and hand held design
  • Based on 32-bit, 66 MIPS ARM7 microprocessor
  • Running RTOS and easily reprogrammable
  • On board 512KB of flash memory
  • On board 32KB of SRAM
  • On board RTC for time and calendar
  • Latest display technology 128 x 64 Organic LED display
  • Capable of computing firing data for all types of guns in service
  • Calculates firing data in real time; less than 1 second
  • More than 500 targets record storage capability
  • Floating point accuracy up to four decimal digits
  • Auto sleep and hibernation facility for power saving
  • Internal CMOS RTC battery backup
  • Silicon rubber keypad with bonded printing
  • High speed smart USB 2.0 interface
  • Mini SD card interface for data storage up to 4GB
  • PC USB port charging capability
  • Wide DC voltage charging capability
  • External 220V AC charger
  • High capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Provision for standard AAA batteries
  • User friendly PC sync application
  • ABS plastic carry case with all accessories
  • Wide operating temperature range; - 30C to + 55C

Software Details

About AFDCD AFDCD is an artillery firing data computing device designed to calculate firing data for various types of guns. Any information from the observer about the target is saved in the device. The device can support gun programs for all types of guns. Main Features
  • Handheld, light weight and reliable computing device for ease of transportation and handling in the field
  • OLED display for dark hours which does not require backlight
  • Large OLED display and Backlight keypad buttons for ease of use
  • Up to 72 hours of backup batteries
  • Auto Power Off
  • Built in real time clock and calculator for basic trigonometric functions
  • Runs on Real Time Operating System and is programmable
  • Computes firing data for all calibers of artillery guns in real time
  • Saves up to 500 target records
  • Floating point accuracy of two digit precision
  • Power on self test (POST) and power off functions
  • Easy to use UI and user friendly menu system for various options
  • Extra shortcut and special function keys for specific program areas
  • PC synchronization capability to download and print target and firing logs
  • Easy and reliable means for uploading gun specific programs from laptop or desktop
  • External and internal communication interface/bus for wire and wireless devices
  • Manual and time based data erasing capability

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