ETTM is amongst the top ranking solutions in Pakistan which VisualSoft provides. Through cutting edge technology solutions we provide Intelligent Transportation Systems which enhance reliability, mobility and security to travelers and transporters. Our technology enriched solution includes but is not limited to:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification
  • Incident Management system
  • Traffic Management Center
  • Motorist Information

Services Hypass, a product of VisualSoft, built on ETTM, offers highest value and lowest risk solution. This system applies world-class, advanced automotive electronic technologies to provide complete, reliable, open-road toll collection. It is designed, to collect tolls from free flowing traffic on the open road. The system is successfully being operated in major sites in Pakistan, included but not limited to; National Highway Authority, Lafco, FWO, CDA and many more. Hypass is an award winning product of VisualSoft. It received country wide appreciation and won 1st prize by P@sha in the year 2006, which was a major achievement.

For more details on technology and implementations of Hypass please visit:

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