Automatic Vehicle Classification

Based on "Classax-In-Ground" AVC engine from SensorLine, Germany, Classax is tailored to support very complex classification table and perform "Post Auditing" with evidence capturing technology, excellent accuracy and high durability.

Originally Classax AVC was developed by VisualSoft in close collaboration with SensorLine in year 2004-05. Now this system is being used on more than 1000 lanes in many countries with great success, including Pakistan, India, Turkey, Mexico and Israel.

Originally intended to be just an AVC system especially suitable for extremely slow moving traffic, CLASSAX can bring about much more than this. Being a bright example of a whole that is more than the sum of its parts it constitutes an instrument of outstanding versatility. Possible applications include vehicle detection, classification and counting, axle counting, traffic statistics, traffic monitoring and control, vehicle recognition and weigh-in-motion.

System consists of following modules: The first one is to setup sensors physically on ground in a vehicle passing lane. Now to make sensors useful for vehicle classification there must be an electronic module attached to the sensors which is able to process the sensor signals into meaningful information. This module gives complete classification data about the vehicle passing by.

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